Today, we’re releasing updates for four plugins and add-ons: Yoast SEO 19.10, Yoast SEO Premium 19.5, Local SEO 14.7, and WooCommerce SEO 15.3. The updates mainly consist of enhancements and fixes, plus support for material structured data in WooCommerce SEO. Find out what else is new!

Yoast SEO 19.10 and Premium 19.5

The overarching theme of these releases is to get ready for the upcoming High Performance Order Storage feature in WooCommerce 7.1+. This feature is more commonly known as custom order tables. This long-awaited improvement promises significant performance gains for ecommerce sites. With today’s update, all of our WordPress plugins support this.

Besides that, we improved some small things in Yoast SEO, like giving you better feedback in the Flesch Reading Ease insights when we see that text is fairly difficult. Plus, we’ve fixed two bugs related to our integration with Elementor.

WooCommerce SEO: material structured data

When working on your ecommerce store, you need help from the WooCommerce SEO add-on for Yoast SEO. This helps you finetune your online store and improves the product structured data that Google needs to present your products in the search results.

Besides updating it for the above-mentioned new feature in WooCommerce, we’ve added two enhancements that make WooCommerce SEO even better. Recently, Google added support for material in the product structured data, which lets you specify what material your product is made of. This gives Google more details about your product; we all know the more information you provide, the better.

Simply follow these steps to try it out:

Activate Yoast SEO and Yoast SEO for WooCommerce

Go to the dashboard and click on Yoast SEO > WooCommerce SEO

Set the Material option to Product Material

Go to Products > Attributes

Add a new attribute and name it Material

Add a product material, like Wood

Go to Products -> Add new

Set a name and a price for the product, choose Material from the custom attributes, and select Wood

Go to the product page, inspect the source code and scroll down to the Product schema structured data

Tadaa! You’ll notice the material property in the Product schema. This should be set to the product material wood

Here’s what that looks like in the Schema Validator:

The material is now available in your product structured data thanks to WooCommerce SEO

Local SEO for Yoast SEO

Local SEO is the add-on you need if you focus on getting your business noticed locally. The Local SEO plugin helps you get all your business details in order — like opening hours and maps — and translates those details into structured data that Google can use to highlight in the search results. In this release, we’ve fixed several minor issues to keep Local SEO in top shape.

Update now to Yoast SEO 19.10 and the others

Today, we’re releasing updates to most of our plugins. These updates come with loads of fixes and enhancements to help you make the most of your work! Update now to get the latest and greatest.

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